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Thermal Transfer Ribbons Structure thermal transfer ribbon Metallic thermal transfer ribbon

A Thermal Transfer ribbon is the consumable that contains the ink required for printing. With a nearly identical exterior appearance, ribbons vary by the properties of the Thermal Transfer film (backcoating, polyester film, ink layer(s)) and also by all of the components that make up the roll (core, ribbon end trailer and ribbon start leader​).
ARMOR is one of the few companies worldwide to master all of the stages of ink design and Thermal Transfer ribbon manufacture, from their conception to their go to market​.

ARMOR Research & Development

Research and development in TTR Printing studies Research and development studies

More than 40 people, and equipment at the cutting-edge of technology, in order to develop products approved by virtually all of the world's Thermal Transfer printer manufacturers.

Ink production​

ARMOR factory

The intrinsic qualities of the ribbon are closely linked to the choice of components, their physico-chemical properties, and at last their grinding.
The quality of this first stage is a guarantee for the perfomances of the product​.

Coating of the Thermal Transfer film​

Ribbon coating Coating ink on PET Ribbons Coating machine

During the production process a transparent polyester film is unrolled onto one side, to which is applied one or more layers of ink, and on the other side a protective coating known as the backcoating is applied.

Slitting the Thermal Transfer roll

Ribbons Slitting machine Ribbons slitting machine Thermal transfer blue ribbon

The quality of the slitting process lays behind the proper functioning of the roll within the Thermal Transfer printer. The key points are compliance with printer specifications, the mastering of winding tension, and the choice of the components used​.

Thermal Transfer roll packaging

Ribbons Packing line
Packing robot for ribbons
Packing robot thermal transfer ribbons

The packaging must offer adequate product protection and provide identification and traceability.


By deciding to invest in all the development and manufacturing stages associated with Thermal Transfer rolls, ARMOR is able to offer its customers guaranteed quality​​.

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