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ARMOR actions to reduce the impact

Reducing the impact of Thermal Transfer rolls on the environment

inkanto thermal Transfer rolls will last for a number of years, provided that they are stored in appropriate conditions. They represent non-hazardous industrial waste not requiring any special treatment.

ARMOR goes the extra mile and has set itself the objective of optimising its business practices in order to reduce the impact of its products on the environment.

Purchasing policy commitment

Most cardboard components used by ARMOR ICP are made from recycled materials: 95% of cores and 58% - 100% of boxes depending on the particular product.

Innovative manufacturing processes

In 2009 ARMOR launched SolFree®, the first and only coating process able to manufacture Thermal Transfer ribbons without using any solvents. The environmental savings made by a user of 6,000 standard dimension (110mmx300m) rolls per year equates to 2.2 tonnes of CO2 compared with an equivalent roll from a traditional process. Just another way of offering our partners new arguments for selling Thermal Transfer rolls..

Responsible waste management

At ARMOR, all waste from Thermal Transfer films is recovered : since 2012 no waste has been sent to landfill. ARMOR recovers all inked film waste from its production site in La Chevrolière (France) into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) for use in cement plants in place of fossil fuels.

Recovery of Thermal Transfer rolls

Wishing to limit its environmental impact even further and to continually offer its partners new services, ARMOR decided to look into the possibility of a collection service for used ribbons from the users, and to incorporate them within its own energy recovery programme. This programme named Rec’Pet partner is currently undergoing a test phase in France prior to wider deployment. It will also enable ARMOR's customers to expand their own range of services with totally original sales arguments within the industry.


ARMOR group dedicates a proportion of its R&D resources to the monitoring of such issues in accordance with its core Sustainable Development values.

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