Thermal Transfer:
barcode and packaging printing

identification and traceability of products

Printing barcode and packaging labels using Thermal Transfer

Barcode printing Printing labels for shipping Printing on food packaging

All the products and packaging circulating around the world are individually marked with a series of variable information: barcodes, serial numbers, expiry dates, composition, price, recipient, etc.

In a world that is sometimes hostile and aggressive, there is a golden rule for Thermal Transfer: to remain legible in the face of whatever is thrown at it and to deliver a message that is intact, free of alteration or error and with no omissions or gaps.

This identification and traceability information is the sole link between the product and all those involved during its life cycle: production operator, order picker, haulier, stock manager, warehouse operator, shop sales assistant and the end user.

Thermal Transfer is the reliable solution for printing on flexible labels and packaging identified by the naked eye or using a barcode reader.

And finally, without us knowing it, Thermal Transfer is present on all of our day-to-day products.


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