Thermal Transfer: barcode and packaging printing

identification and traceability of products
All products or packaging circulating around the world are marked individually with a range of variable information: bar code, serial number, expiry date, composition, price, recipient, etc.

Printing of thermal transfer labels and packaging

Barcode printing Printing labels for shipping Printing on food packaging

In industrial environments where products are subject to significant stress, there is one golden rule for Thermal Transfer: remain legible against all odds to deliver an intact message, without deterioration or errors, without omissions or gaps.

The advantage of Thermal Transfer printing is that it allows the printing of variable information (i.e. batch or serial numbers) on labels or on flexible packaging that can be identified with the naked eye or with a bar code reader.
And finally, without us knowing it, Thermal Transfer is present on all our day-to-day products.


Bar code label printing

Essential for the stock management and optimisation, the bar code is also the world's most widely used means of conveying traceability data.

A bar code contains a set of numerical (or alphanumerical) data relating to a product that is read by an optical reader. Though apparently very similar, each code is composed of data that can be unique to each product.

There are 3 major bar code families:

One-dimensional or linear bar code - 1D

Stacked linear bar code - 1D 
Two-dimensional bar code - 2D

The QR Code (Quick Response) is a type of 2D bar code that can be read by different types of device and that may contain more information than other types of bar codes. Generated by dedicated software, bar codes can then be printed via several printing technologies.

The advantage of Thermal Transfer printing is its ability to print all types of bar codes and variable information while meeting durability, readability and unit printing requirements.

inkanto ribbons for Thermal Transfer printers

The inkanto Thermal Transfer ribbon range offers solutions for printing all types of variable information (bar codes, batch number, expiry date, logos, etc.). These ribbons are compatible with all Flat-Head and Near-Edge printers on the market.
The ARMOR range of Thermal Transfer ribbons consists of three families:
  • Wax 
  • Wax-Resin 
  • Resin 

These different qualities enable ARMOR to offer both competitive ribbons for price-sensitive applications, standard ribbons for optimal performance and specialised ribbons for highly demanding applications.

ARMOR can offer a Thermal Transfer ribbon that perfectly meets the needs of each user in terms of:
  • Resistance
  • Price
  • Legibility
  • Bar code type
  • Print medium (vellum, coated paper, synthetic, textile, flexible packaging).

This range is the most extensive on the market because it meets 99% of label printing and flexible packaging needs.
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