Published 23/01/2015


Published 23/01/2015

TERMOLAR, with over 50 years in the Brazilian market, is one of the mostly recognized companies in the country, and the largest manufacturer of thermal conservation products in Latin America.
The company owns a complete portfolio of top-of-the-range highly performing products with solutions designed for household uses, sport, camping and bars.

For product identification, ARMOR long-term partner Automatech chose the wax enhanced AWX®FH to meet TERMOLAR identification requirements: to print variable data on its personalized labels (hard polypropylene glossy film with top coating treatment), as AWX®FH gives an excellent anchorage and printing quality.
The same ribbon is also used in logistics for printing the coated paper labels on products’ boxes and parcels. The good resistance to scratch of AWX®FH is a security that the product reaches its destination with clearly legible labels, helping identification and traceability.

AWX®FH brings this application the following benefits:

  • A versatile ink compatible with different kinds of label materials (from papers to synthetics),
  • A highly sensitive ink which offers a good printing sharpness for all kind of characters and barcodes (even rotated ones),
  • Highly resistant for a wax product, ideal for applications which require relative resistance to external constraints like smudge and scratch.
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