AWR 470 SolFree at L’Oréal USA
Published 23/01/2015

AWR 470 SolFree at L’Oréal USA

Published 23/01/2015
At its production site in Florence (Kentucky), L’Oréal USA manufactures professional hair care products under the brand names Matrix and Redken.
For a long time, L’Oréal Group has been taking steps to reduce the impact of the company’s activity on the environment. In particular, this involves significant effort relating to packaging and logistics.

AWR®470 SolFree® is used by L’Oréal USA to print a range of variable information as labelling on boxes and pallets. Other ribbons could have done the job, however, L’Oréal USA chose this ribbon for the benefits of its SolFree technology, which is completely in line with its philosophy of respect for the environment.
The result: simply by switching its TT ribbon to AWR®470 SolFree®, L’Oréal USA has reduced its CO² emissions at this production site by over 2 tons per year!

Considering the importance of carbon balance for companies committed to taking real steps towards Sustainable Development, SolFree® offers the perfect solution. Think about it!
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