AWR 470 used at BALTIKA brewery
Published 23/01/2015

AWR 470 used at BALTIKA brewery

Published 23/01/2015

BALTIKA is the largest brewery in Eastern Europe and in Russia with an estimated market share of 40% through a catalogue of more than 30 different brands. Originally based in Saint Petersburg, BALTICA now owns more than 10 production facilities in Russia with a total production capacity of 5.2 million hectolitres per month.
Considering the wide market that BALTIKA is serving, logistics and traceability are key components of its activity. With the help of ARMOR long term Russian partner BRISTOL GROUP, BALTIKA chose AWR®470 SolFree® wax ribbon as its unique TT solution for most labelling purposes for logistics (cartons and pallets). ARMOR wax ribbon AWR®470 SolFree® was chosen and is now used with a Fasson paper on the different manufacturing sites of BALTIKA.

AWR®470 SolFree brought the following benefits:

  • A unique wax grade for the different logistics applications,
  • A highly sensitive ink which makes it easy to use on the different printer models installed in BALTIKA facilities,
  • The ink requires low energy which extends the life of the printhead and minimizes the replacement budget,
  • SolFree® is the only TT process on the market offering a 100% solvent free ribbon, even for the backcoat: a true ecological advantage.
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