Durable marking at GKN Driveline
Published 23/01/2015

Durable marking at GKN Driveline

Published 23/01/2015
GKN is a global leader supplier to the automotive, aerospace and off Highway manufacturers. In Brazil, GKN Driveline is specialized in the manufacturing of sideshafts: a system that transfers power from a differential to the wheels allowing wheel movement due to steering or suspension movement.

GKN Driveline supports all the major automotive assembly plants, with the majority of the vehicles produced in Brazil equipped with GKN Driveline sideshaft.

During sideshafts production phases, each part needs to be labeled for tracking and identification purposes with the difficulty to remain legible despite the rough conditions caused by the handling, processing, tooling, quality controls and contacts with metallic parts.
Once manufactured, GKN sideshafts shall also remain labeled through their entire lifecycle to ensure good maintenance, replacement and recycling.

Durability and readability being the key elements of this application, ARMOR long term Brazilian partner Automatech offers AXR 7+ in order to match GKN’s demanding constraints and great printing performance on the filmic labels.

AXR®7+ offers a good compromise in term of capability to print on different receptors (coated and glossy papers, synthetics) with a good sensitivity and overall high level of resistances to demanding conditions.

When even more resistances are required, especially to solvents, AXR®8 is the alternative.
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