Vestel'de AXR7+
Published 23/01/2015

Vestel'de AXR7+

Published 23/01/2015
The third largest European TV manufacturer uses inkanto AXR®7+ resin to identify the components of the 16 million television sets it manufactures each year.

VESTEL manufactures numerous electronic and household appliances for the main European and global brands.
VESTEL carries out the labelling of TVs, their internal components and the final packaging using inkanto’s AXR®7+ Thermal Transfer resin ribbon and an adhesive label of semi-gloss paper.
Supplied by its Turkish partner SETAG, AXR®7+ enables VESTEL to print on paper labels with an excellent print quality, but it also offers a durability of printed information throughout the life cycle of the TV sets.

AXR®7+ ink is resistant to friction, scratching and heat: it ensures good readability and traceability of information during manufacture and any repairs that are performed, right up to component sorting when recycling old TV sets.
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