DATATECH India enjoys inkanto ribbon's peace of mind
Published 21/09/2021

DATATECH India enjoys inkanto ribbon's peace of mind

Published 21/09/2021
DATATECHINDIA is a Visakhapatnam-based company specializing in Barcode & RFID Systems. DATATECH also provides labeling solutions for pharmaceutical, steel, seafood and retail industries among others.  Product labels, barcodes, specialty labels, and shipping labels are some of the elements that need to be considered in the commercialization of products in these industries.

Until now, the inks DATATECH India supplied to its customers did not meet the criteria of quality and consistency. This impacted both end-users and resellers because of the time wasted to solve recurrent quality issues or change damaged ribbons.

Thanks to inkanto thermal transfer ribbons, DATATECH India can now provide its customers with inks that are tailored to their needs. This has enabled the company to expand its labeling activity and gain approximately 30% more business from its end users.

ARMOR Thermal Transfer ribbons provided by DATATECH India to its clients are:
  • The standard wax inkanto ribbon AWR 8, which covers a wide range of applications.
  • APR 1 and APR 6 wax-resin inkanto ribbons, both recognized for their versatility and high-speed printing capabilities.
  • AXR 1 and AXR 7+ resin inkanto ribbons which are known for their excellent blackness and resistance to smudge, scratch, solvents and high temperatures.

DATATECH India is now enjoying the peace of mind that comes with inkanto ribbons while end users are delighted with the quality.
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