Published 23/01/2015


Published 23/01/2015

FKA, a Korean fragrance manufacturer, has chosen inkanto TT ribbons for printing highly sensitive information on the handling and usage of its products, thus complying with the international GHS system.

FKA was established in 1976 through a joint venture with France SICALAV de Haute Provence to develop fragrances and flavors to address Korean industries like cosmetics, toiletries, fabric care, confectionery, beverage and tobacco...
Fragrances are sold under liquid state in plastic containers which require clear product description and safety warnings. Some of FKA’s products are flammable liquid or can cause skin and eye irritation therefore they require to display an adequate GHS labeling.
A GHS designed label ensures a proper communication on the potential hazard of certain products with internationally harmonized text and symbols; these latest are made from a thin red diamond and a central black pictogram.

FKA’s long term partner Bigeyes Information System (BIS) has offered a complete solution to comply with GHS using a CAB XC6 two-color printer with inkanto AXR®7+ black and AXR®600R red ribbons, printing on a Yupo synthetic material.
The printed GHS messages and symbols must remain legible until the container is recycled to maintain a high level of security for anybody that would handle it.

inkanto AXR®7+ and AXR®600R offer an excellent level of resistances to all the constraints that such container can suffer during its life cycle: smudge, scratch, UV light, contact with solvents, etc.

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