ARMOR AXR 1 Saves Meat Company
Published 20/04/2020

ARMOR AXR 1 Saves Meat Company

Published 20/04/2020
A subsidiary of a major food processing plant was looking for a ribbon that could print legible and durable food safety information and barcodes at a fast speed.
These nutritional, safety, and ingredient labels were smearing while using a competitor’s resin ribbon. After the beef and poultry labels were printed, they couldn’t seem to make it down the conveyor to the packaging area without a smudge. After ARMOR reseller caught wind of the issue, they knew exactly how to help.
ARMOR AXR 1 flat head resin ribbon was recommended. This ribbon gave an excellent print quality at a speed of 8 inches per second and a perfect resistance as the fine fonts didn’t smear at all when travelling down the conveyor line.
As this application concerns a food product, there are regulatory requirements from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be taken into account. The AXR1 ARMOR resin ribbon meets the Food Contact requirements of both the European and American’s law.
Furthermore, the AXR 1 ribbon being one of the most competitive ribbon from the market, the end-user saved $25,000/year, another example of how much value customers receive by switching to and staying with ARMOR products.
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