APX FH+ for industrial pastry-making in Italy
Published 13/06/2017

APX FH+ for industrial pastry-making in Italy

Published 13/06/2017
Guaranteed legibility despite the major technical constraints

An Italian producer is using APX®FH+ for printing consumer information labels (description, weight and ingredients) on the packaging of its pastry trays. They originally used another ribbon on the market, but the information became illegible due to the demanding packing processes.

The producer selected a gloss adhesive coated paper label and a Zebra 105 printer. Once printed, the label is applied to the underside of the pastry trays which are then packed in a heat-shrink film. This packaging solution keeps the pastries firmly in place and protects them from dust and humidity, improving preservation. 
The heat-shrink step places great demands on the printed label as the heat may soften the ink which is then smudged on contact with the plastic film, or is transferred to the film, making the consumer and/or traceability information illegible. 

APX®FH+ was recommended  for multiple reasons: 
-    It is a premium wax/resin ribbon developed for demanding applications;
-    It offers durable printing that is resistant to both abrasion and heat;
-    It can print all types of messages in a very precise manner: logos, text, symbols and barcodes; 
-    It complies with international food contact standards: 1935/2004/EC and American FDA. 

The producer specifies that, thanks to this inkanto ribbon, its printed matter is highly resistant to the heat-shrink process, providing good print resolution and consistent quality.
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