200 000 durable labels printed every day
Published 30/10/2018

200 000 durable labels printed every day

Published 30/10/2018

A major Chinese multinational company specialized in consumer electronics products, such as televisions, cameras, remote controls and micro-chips. With four R&D and production facilities in China the company is considered as one of the biggest corporations in China.

Considering the highly automated production processes and the complex supply chain managing thousands of products every day, a reliable traceability system for all parts, products and parcels was needed.

HENGDING, a long-term ARMOR partner has offered a complete Thermal Transfer solution using 3 different inkanto ribbons to match stringent specifications:
  • Compatibility with multiple label materials
  • Ability to work seamlessly in different thermal printer brands and models
  • Offer perfect barcode scanning and data readability
  • High durability to guarantee traceability despite aggressive production processes or usage conditions
  • Respect several stringent electronics regulations

The following inkanto ribbons have been tested and approved: AXR 7+ standard resin and AXR EL electronics specialty resin ribbon to print 200 000 various product labels every day. In addition, APX FH+ wax-resin ribbon is also used for printing storage and logistics labels.

The inkanto range of Thermal Transfer ribbons is perfectly sized to answer 99% of labeling needs. 

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