Big Plans for ARMOR Canada in 2020

Published 10/12/2019

Big Plans for ARMOR Canada in 2020

Published 10/12/2019 in

ARMOR’s plan to be the 1st true manufacturer to settle in Canada proved to be right after the company’s arrival in 2016. It was their firm belief that servicing directly from Canada would bring benefits to ARMOR partners, and so far, this belief has been confirmed.

ARMOR continues to invest in new equipment and staff, which they estimate will lead to a 50% increase in production capacity in 2020.

Recently ARMOR Canada has also been awarded the ISO 9001 certification, which indicates a more efficient and organized operation with a focus on continuous improvement and exceptional service. This also means faster and more precise delivery times for customers.

To go along with this certification, they have a target to be ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (safety) certified in the next calendar year.

ARMOR Canada also offers the new inkanto brand of ribbons, which guarantee a lifetime warranty and have a very appealing appearance. ARMOR places its customers at the heart of their daily routine and always strives to satisfy their thermal transfer needs.

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