ARMOR USA Completes Its Latest Building Expansion

Published 21/07/2020

ARMOR USA Completes Its Latest Building Expansion

Published 21/07/2020 in
2900 Earhart Court in Hebron, Kentucky has played host to ARMOR USA for the past 21 years. In the beginning, the company was only renting out a small portion of the building for its production lines and offices, but as the years went by, ARMOR USA became larger and larger, which created a need for more and more space. In turn, they rented out the rest of the units in the building, one by one, as their needs grew. The building is only so big though, and to keep up with the constant increase in demand for their Thermal Transfer ribbons, ARMOR USA took another major step by expanding to an entirely new building: 3000 Earhart Court.

With the openings of subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and recently Colombia, one would assume that a lot of the workload has been lifted from the shoulders of ARMOR USA to fulfill orders, since they originally serviced all of these countries as well. The contrary has proven true, ARMOR USA has shown a steady growth in sales within the United States. By acquiring the new 3000 building, they’ve made room to continue this trend.

Currently, ARMOR USA occupies 81,000 square feet of space. With the new expansion, ARMOR USA will add over 32,000 square feet, resulting in a total of 113,000 square feet of space.  The original building will maintain some of its offices, but demolish others, creating 40% more space for production. This will allow overall production capacity to increase by 60-80%!

The new ARMOR USA facilities will also provide a solid base for two other ARMOR Group activities to expand their presence in the country. ARMOR 3D specializing in materials for additive manufacturing (3D printing) and ARMOR Film for Batteries, which manufactures new generation of current collector films, have found at 3000 Earhart Court a conducive environment to their development in the United States.
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