ARMOR introduces ARMOR Colombia

Published 06/04/2018

ARMOR introduces ARMOR Colombia

Published 06/04/2018 in

ARMOR is proud to announce the founding of ARMOR Colombia, a fully owned subsidiary based in Medellin, dedicated to the slitting and marketing of our Thermal Transfer ribbons

Our unique international expansion strategy is to get closer to our customers’ markets, bringing the product quality of a true manufacturer with solutions to logistics or administrative hassles, like long transportation lead-times or importation taxes. It’s started on the American continent with ARMOR USA in the late 90’s, ARMOR Brasil in 2007 and was accelerated with ARMOR Mexico in 2014, ARMOR Canada last year and now ARMOR Colombia.
Created from the acquisition of LUX label, a highly reputed player in the country, ARMOR Colombia brings high expectations for growth, developing the domestic market and serving other ARMOR partners from the Andean region. Medellin is a duty free area, enabling partners to get their products without paying additional import duties.
At a time when ARMOR has only recently launched its product range marketed under the brand name inkanto, ARMOR Colombia will be able to offer these products to its local customers from Q3 2018.

Long live ARMOR Colombia!

ARMOR Colombia

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