ARMOR Asia once again recognized for its CSR initiatives

Published 18/12/2019

ARMOR Asia once again recognized for its CSR initiatives

Published 18/12/2019 in
ARMOR Asia received the Sustainability Gamechanger award in Singapore during this summer. Awarded by a major sustainable development foundation in Asia, it is given in recognition of the ambitious strategy and day-to-day practices of the ARMOR subsidiary in relation to CSR.

Through Armor Asia Vice President & Managing Director, M. Wesley Alves belief in high quality of its CSR commitments, he leads the ASIA’s team towards a more sustainable business path for the deployment of the thermal transfer business in the region. As early as 2017, the ARMOR subsidiary received a sustainable companies award from the government of Singapore. This year it was the GAIL (Greening ASEAN: Initiatives & Leadership) project of the RHT corporate foundation that identified and recognized the achievements of ARMOR Asia.

Bestowed in Singapore by a panel of experts in sustainable development (representatives from the corporate sector, the public sector and universities), the award is dedicated to those who know how to ‘change the game’ in the area of sustainable development.

«This award recognizes our long-term efforts in the field of CSR», explains Sutiyanna Harith, QSE Manager of ARMOR Asia. «It notably reflects the innovation and creativity demonstrated by our company in order to disseminate sustainable development issues among our personnel, with all the positive and measurable results. » Highly appreciated by the panel, there are numerous beneficial practices employed by ARMOR Asia covering social, environmental and regulatory matters, all of which enhance the economic performance of the company. «Whether in terms of our considerate social policy, our waste sorting and energy saving measures or our economic performance, all of which go hand-in hand with a participative management style and excellent safety performance, it is the global approach that lays at the heart of our success», adds Sutiyanna Harith. «It is a tribute to the Group values of humanism, commitment, innovation and customer focus, which we strive to give real meaning in Asia. »
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