Tyre vulcanisation and distribution labels

There are two types of tyre label :

  • Tyre vulcanisation labels: these barcode labels provide product traceability during manufacture. The application of pressure on the label at the same time as exposure to high temperature (200°C) can damage the printed message.
  • Tyre distribution labels: contains identification information for the user (brand, model and dimensions). It must be perfectly legible at the point of sale and be able to resist the various forms of attack during transportation and storage.

Tyre label printing constraints

Tyre labels are subjected to significant duress throughout the various production and logistics stages: vulcanisation, abrasion, rain, cold, long-duration storage, UV light... all constitute forms of attack likely to damage the printed matter. One illegible barcode and the entire logistics chain may be disrupted.
In accordance with the new European standard 1222/2009 on tyre labelling, manufacturers and importers in the European Union must provide the end user with tyre performance data in terms of rolling resistance, wet braking distances and noise emissions.
Tyre labels, frequently pre-printed, require customised technical data for each product: dimensions, symbols, barcodes, etc.

ARMOR ribbons for tyre label printing

Thermal Transfer technology can be used to print both vulcanisation labels and tyre distribution labels.
For tyre distribution labels printed on coated or synthetic paper, ARMOR Wax-Resin inks offer an excellent compromise between resistance and cost. For more aggressive environments, Resin inks offer improved print durability.

For synthetic vulcanisation labels, it is recommended to print using ARMOR Resin inks for optimum levels of resistance to heat and solvents.

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Certifications and warranties

The products recommended for this application are backed by at least one of the following certifications

  • food eu 2
    Food Contact Europe
  • food fda 1
    Food Contact USA
  • rohs
    Heavy Metals
  • halog 1
  • reach 1
  • cp65 1
    California Proposition 65
  • dmf 1
    Drug Master File
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL)
  • bs5609 1
    Marine shipping (BS5609)

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The expertise Armor

  • Resistant to high-temperature vulcanisation processes
  • Print fineness suitable for small characters and barcodes
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