Printing of cards and tags

Guarantee data readability

Tags are used for all sorts of items when it is either impossible or undesirable to stick on a label: clothing, fruit & vegetable bags and nets, sport and leisure items, etc.
Cards and tags are used to provide the purchaser with product information (price, size, origin, composition, utilisation, etc.) and enable it to be monitored from production right through to sale via traceability data (barcodes, serial numbers, date of manufacture, etc.).
If any element of this data is badly printed or damaged, stock management may be undermined, the sale of the product may be compromised and can create problems at the checkout. Some major retail chains penalise manufacturers of poorly-identified products.

Thermal Transfer is a print technology that is particularly well suited for the printing of tags and cards. The process can be used for the high-quality printing of logos, symbols, barcodes and alphanumeric characters on all types of print media (paper and synthetics) while offering excellent durability.

inkanto ribbons for tags and cards

Thermal Transfer ribbons from the inkanto Wax and Wax-Resin ranges are recommended.

With their excellent covering power, the Wax inks (AWR® / AWX® range) offer optimum print performance for cards with a rough surface. This combination offers a solution for applications with optimum price-quality demands.

For coated-paper and synthetic cards the Wax-Resin inks are ideal (APR® / APX® range) which stand out thanks to their high print quality and superior resistance properties. The high resolution of the printer enables very high-resolution diagrams, logos and barcodes to be printed.

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Certifications and warranties

The products recommended for this application are backed by at least one of the following certifications

  • food eu 2
    Food Contact Europe
  • food fda 1
    Food Contact USA
  • rohs
    Heavy Metals
  • halog 1
  • reach 1
  • cp65 1
    California Proposition 65
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL)
  • dmf 1
    Drug Master File
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL) Pending

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  • Perfect barcode legibility
  • Suitable for all label and character formats
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