Printing signage and logos labels

Perfect legibility and excellent durability

Mainly consisting of symbols and short messages, warning labels provide information relating to safety, product utilisation and user guidance.
The strengths of Thermal Transfer for the printing of warning labels are:

  • Excellent visual finish for logos, diagrams and text thanks to the ink's high covering power and the high-definition print head;
  • Ability to print both small and large labels;
  • Compatibility with a wide range of label materials, whether paper or synthetic;
  • High ink density providing excellent readability with pre-printed or coloured labels such as the yellow background used for industrial signage;
  • Ribbons for high-resistance printing: UV, solvents, abrasion, light, etc.


ARMOR ribbons for printing signage labels

The ARMOR Wax inks (AWR®/AWX® range) combined with paper labels offer a competitive solution for aggression-free environments, such as encapsulated vehicle registration plates.

With their high print quality and enhanced resistance levels, the versatile Wax-Resin inks (APR®/APX® range) are equally suited to both paper and synthetic print media, such as barcode labels for asset management.

Resin ribbons (AXR® range) offer a maximum level of resistance suitable for the demands of manufacturing environments and outdoor applications. Warning messages on machine tools fall into this category.

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Certifications and warranties

The products recommended for this application are backed by at least one of the following certifications

  • food eu 2
    Food Contact Europe
  • food fda 1
    Food Contact USA
  • rohs
    Heavy Metals
  • halog 1
  • reach 1
  • cp65 1
    California Proposition 65
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL)
  • dmf 1
    Drug Master File
  • bs5609 1
    Marine shipping (BS5609)
  • en50419
    Marking electronic equipment
  • icp a 610
    Electronic assemblies
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL) Pending

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The expertise Armor

  • Ability to print on coloured labels
  • Ability to print large-dimension symbols and characters
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