The product identification and traceability label

The shipping label is the central element ensuring product identification and traceability. At all times it must be visible to the naked eye and barcode reader. To guarantee the reading quality of such information it is important to select the right print technology, label and ink.

Shipping label printing

Transport conditions and numerous stages of handling generate abrasion and impact between packages which may degrade the printed message or leave marks on the label. For international logistics operations, and depending on the mode of transport, labels may be temporarily exposed to the weather such as UV light or humidity.
Without a specially designed print solution, logistics information and traceability data may be erased and cause delivery delays and even product losses.

inkanto ribbons for shipping label printing

Thermal Transfer printing of shipping labels offers effective solutions for all such constraints.

inkanto Wax inks (AWR® inks) in combination with entry-level paper offer a competitive solution that is suitable for short-duration shipments with little exposure to constraints causing deterioration.
For more demanding logistics environments or for international shipment, the label and ink are subjected to greater constraints. In such cases, more resistant labels made of coated paper should be used in combination with a high performance Wax ribbon (AWX® ribbon) or Wax-Resin ribbon (APR® or APX®).

Thermal Transfer technology is fully compatible with labels containing an RFID tag, which are being introduced to improve traceability efficiency of shipping labels.

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Certifications and warranties

The products recommended for this application are backed by at least one of the following certifications

  • food eu 2
    Food Contact Europe
  • food fda 1
    Food Contact USA
  • rohs
    Heavy Metals
  • halog 1
  • reach 1
  • cp65 1
    California Proposition 65
  • dmf 1
    Drug Master File
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL)

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