Labels for laboratory products

Whether in the chemicals, food processing or pharmaceuticals industry, certain laboratory environments are aggressive for printed labels, to the point of their becoming unusable in terms of the identification and traceability of products and samples.

Customised printing

With its ability to print single labels, Thermal Transfer printing offers the flexibility required for the marking of all kinds of identification and traceability data on products used in the laboratory.

Thermal Transfer ribbons offer very precise printing of barcodes and identification data on even the smallest of labels which are frequently used for test tubes, microscope slides and flasks.

The wide variety of available Thermal Transfer inks enables each laboratory to find a tailor-made solution in terms of print quality and durability.

inkanto ribbons for laboratory labels

inkanto Wax-Resin inks (APR®/APX® range) offer great print flexibility for the marking of small characters and of horizontal, vertical, 2D and DataMatrix barcodes. The APR® ribbons offer high levels of performance on both paper and plastic (synthetic) labels and are perfectly suited for products subject to repeated handling but not exposed to chemical substances.

A Resin ink (AXR® range) is the best suited for extreme applications. In combination with synthetic labels they offer the optimum mix of quality and durability. The AXR® ribbons meet the resistance needs of products with a long life cycle, which are subject to repeated handling, are stored or sterilised at extreme temperatures or are in contact with chemical substances.
inkanto ribbons comply with regulations on heavy metals (RoHS), do not contain any substances of very high concern (REACH), enable users to comply with European (1935/2004/EC) and US (FDA) food contact regulations and are ideal for printing red and black GHS labels.
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Certifications and warranties

The products recommended for this application are backed by at least one of the following certifications

  • food eu 2
    Food Contact Europe
  • food fda 1
    Food Contact USA
  • rohs
    Heavy Metals
  • halog 1
  • reach 1
  • cp65 1
    California Proposition 65
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL)
  • dmf 1
    Drug Master File
  • bs5609 1
    Marine shipping (BS5609)
  • ul 0
    Print durability (UL) Pending

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  • Print fineness suitable for small characters and barcodes
  • Resistance levels suitable for demanding environments
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