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Guaranteeing product identification in industrial environments

industrial labeling for the identification of machinery and equipment

The marking of industrial machinery is essential for equipment manufacturers and for end-users to ensure a clear technical identification.

Industrial equipment labeling challenges :

Labeling of machinery enable a manufacturer to ensure the traceability and the identification of their production of machinery. They need to tag these equipments with the batch number, reference and date of manufacture. These data must remain legible all along the manufacturing process to guarantee a perfect production workflow and a live update of stocks (parts, components and finished products).

These robust pieces of industrial engineering work in stringent environment so the ink and the label must be carefully selected to guarantee a durable print.

Thermal transfer is the most suitable printing technology for challenging industrial environment, thanks to the robustness of the printer and the durability of the printed labels.

End-users of industrial machinery:

The production, maintenance and cleaning services must be able to identify all the parts of the machines running in their plants. The identification of the equipment and its parts allows them to take actions quickly on machines in the case of a failure. The industrial marking also includes all the instruction or warning logos that allow people working on the machines to take all the necessary precautions while using them.

Industrial labels, applied to equipment and to individual parts, are often associated with software that allows them to be registered.

These labels must be clear and legible. In fact, the information on the label must not fade and must last throughout the life cycle of the machine.

Some industrial machinery in harsh environments must be marked in a stronger way to ensure legibility.

Examples of elements that industrial marking labels must be able to withstand:
  • Rubbing
  • Chemicals and cleaning products
  • Very high temperatures
  • Spraying of molten elements
  • Hazardous Products
  • High speeds

Industrial machinery and equipment labeling requirements

In Europe, the CE marking indicates the conformity of machinery and equipment with the health and safety requirements of the European directives. The CE marking must be legibly and indelibly affixed to all relevant products in order to be marketed within the European Union.

There are also US standards that specify requirements for both manufacturers and machine users:
  • This is the ANSI B11 series, which consists of numerous documents dealing with the safety of machinery and equipment.
  • In addition to the ANSI B11, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed other standards for:
- the control of workplace hazards
- Lockout/Tagout
- Machine Guarding Standards

These standards or requirements very often imply the label equipment and industrial machinery with warning logos on parts.

Warning logos

The risks associated with industrial machines are numerous and of different types. Operating errors are unforgiving, and the consequences of accidents are often very serious. It is important that every machine with a risk related to its use or handling is marked with a warning label. These labels, which must be obvious and visible, often take the form of coloured logos.

Depending on the nature of the risk, there are different logos:
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Marking
  • finish and fixing
All these choices contribute to warning logos functionality: security, information, location, identification, traceability, etc...

Thermal Transfer technology within the industrial

Thermal transfer is therefore the most suitable solution for labelling industrial machinery. Indeed, the sharpness and permanence of thermal transfer printing makes it possible to meet all the needs and performance constraints required by this sector. The customer can find within the ARMOR range resin ribbons that are the most suitable for this type of application. These ribbons are developed to meet the tough conditions that industrial labels will have to face.
  • AXR 7+: The most representative resin ribbon of the market offering to ribbon users a concentrated performance in terms of writing quality and print durability.
  • AXR 8 : Our users can find an excellent resistance to solvent and high temperature.


Our products can meet the following certifications :

  • Food Contact Europe

  • Food Contact USA

  • Heavy Metals

  • Halogens


  • California Proposition 65

  • Print durability (UL)

  • Drug Master File

  • Marine shipping (BS5609)

  • Marking electronic equipment

  • Electronic assemblies

  • Print durability (UL) Pending

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