Data security guarantees patient safety

Collecting blood is a simple process, but ensuring the identification and traceability of each and every bag up to the receiving patient is a very demanding challenge. Blood bag labels contain essential information such as the name and contact details of the producer and all of the donor's identification details: blood group, conservation period, barcodes, laboratory tests, etc.

Just some of the sensitive information required to be protected by a print of high quality and high resistance. The various blood treatment processes (such as centrifugation), the sterilization by autoclave (100 to 140°C / 212 to 284°F) and the various stages of storage (up to -50°C/-58°F) and transport subject the ink to high levels of stress.
A damaged barcode or blood group would make the blood bag unusable.

inkanto ribbons for marking blood bags

In order that the printing on the label remains intact throughout the lifecycle of the blood bag, it is recommended to use the resin-based inks from the AXR® range which combine:
- excellent print finish, even for small barcodes such as Datamatrix or 2D,
- resistance to the cold, to the steam of the autoclave and to abrasions,
- ability to print on all of the label materials generally used on blood bags (coated paper and synthetic materials).

It is also possible to print primary production data directly onto the bag by using the black or coloured ribbons for near-edge printers.

The registration of inkanto inks with the FDA in the USA enables users to easily compile their Drug Master File.

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Certifications and warranties

The products recommended for this application are backed by at least one of the following certifications

  • Food Contact Europe
  • Food Contact USA
  • Heavy Metals
  • Halogens
  • California Proposition 65
  • Marine shipping (BS5609)
  • Print durability (UL)

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The expertise Armor

  • Ideal for the individual traceability of each bag
  • Resistant to the various sterilisation techniques
  • Inks with a Drug Master File number
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