Discover how you can 
take full advantage of 
this new offer:

It looks different…
ARMOR's usual unbranded ribbons will now bear the inkanto name and will have a dynamic & easy to recognise visual identity.

But it doesn't change much…
You will always get the same products: same grade names (AWR8, APR6, AXR7+, etc.), made with the same care and quality standards at the same ARMOR factories.

And we retain our business fundamentals…
Same professional ethics, unchanged sales strategy and identical operational approach.
The new branded Thermal Transfer ribbon
offer from ARMOR.

Same products but with a new look and extra services!

The benefits

inkanto is the brand that the ARMOR Group has chosen for its Thermal Transfer ribbon offer.
It will definitely enhance your experience with our ribbons.

You've always liked ARMOR ribbons, you are going to love inkanto ribbons and all the extras that come with it.

inkanto is not just a complete new visual identity of ARMOR unbranded ribbons: the inkanto Thermal Transfer ribbon
offer comes with 
an unparalleled line of new services. 

The range

With the inkanto range, 
you get all the Thermal Transfer 
ribbons that you always got 
from ARMOR.

Flat Head

Near Edge



Easy to identify products:

This product is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect
in normal conditions
of use and storage.

Easy to use with guaranteed product performance: the certificate of conformity for your product can be accessed via the flashcode on the box.

The inkanto rolls families are identified by color codes.
The roll labels highlight the important information about the product.

To clean the print head and maintain
the maximum performance of
your printer.

Consistent packaging units depending on the roll dimensions.

Your product is delivered with a cleaning wipe


We are working on a completely 
redesigned Extranet and 
a totally new sample offering 
to provide greater simplicity and interactions with inkanto.

The                            offer will be accessible on a worldwide basis from Q1 2018 depending on availability 
in each region.

It is a great opportunity to become more familiar with inkanto until then.

inkanto ribbons come with additional services and more support.

Until inkanto is fully available, you can find all information on the current ARMOR ribbon offer at:   



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